Batteries & Brakes

How do I know if my brakes are in good condition?

A well serviced and maintained braking system is very important. Early signs of problems include grinding noises, a spongy feeling when you press the brake, loss of brake fluid and the brake pedal travelling all the way to the floor.

Will Kenway inspect my brakes?

Yes. If you are worried about your brakes, call in and we’ll carry out a FREE inspection for you. At selected Kenway Tyres branches, we offer a full brake replacement service - with fixed prices and fast service. And you can rest assured that all our technicians are expertly trained in all aspects of braking and ABS.

My car won’t start, could it be my battery?

Your battery can fail for a number of reasons, anything from a defective alternator to leaving your lights on. Our retail branches in Aberdeen and Dundee will carry out a number of diagnostic checks to identify the problem - from simple drop testing to alternator tests - and if you need a replacement battery, we will fit one fast while you wait. Our Aberdeen and Dundee branches stock a large range of quality batteries for cars, vans, trucks, buses and caravans - all at great value and fully warranted.