Drive Safely

Why is my choice of tyres so important?

Tyres are your only contact with the road and affect your steering, direction and braking - so having the correct tyres and making sure they are in tip top condition is very important. Whilst your brakes stop the wheels - it’s your tyres that stop the car.

What should I check my tyres for?

You need to check the condition of your tyres and your tyre pressure regularly, as well as arranging for a technician to check your wheel balance and alignment as this can affect tyre wear and handling.

Will Kenway check my tyres?

Yes, you can call us at our Aberdeen or Dundee branches to arrange a FREE tyre check today. Our qualified technicians will check your tyre conditions by taking three readings across the width of the tyre as well as checking for normal wear and tear, cuts, lumps, bulges and tears. Exposed ply and cord, pattern-suitability, and irregular wear patterns, may indicate a need for a four-wheel alignment check.

How deep should my tyre tread be?

There are legal limits for how deep tyre tread needs to be. This varies from country to country but in the UK it is 1.6mm. However, the legal limit is not necessarily safe and many experts say that tyre depth should be deeper for safer motoring. Tests have shown that your stopping distance is increased by 40% in the wet with a tyre depth of 3mm.  Remember the tyres on your vehicle are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, call our tyre experts at our Aberdeen and Dundee branches today for a FREE tyre safety check.  Our tyre technicians will check the tread depth and condition of your tyres and give you the right advise on tyre maintenance and safety.  

How can I measure it?

Most tyres have tread wear indicators built into them. This is a bar of rubber that goes across the tread at a depth of about 2mm - which you’ll find by looking carefully at the wheel for a bar that is not part of the regular pattern. When the tread becomes flush with the wear indicator you have about 2mm of tread left and you need to change them.

TyreSafe - Promoting UK tyre safety

TyreSafe is one of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations, for more information on the importance of tyre safety click here to view their website.