Tracking and Camber

If a tyre is presented to the road in an uneven manner it will wear unevenly.


• Toe-in (positive): faster wear of outside shoulders with feather edges outside to inside.
• Toe-out (negative): faster wear of inside shoulders with feather edges inside yo outside.


Camber is vertical wheel tilt in relation to the transverse vehicle axis - measured in degrees (preferably on an even face of the disc). The set is usually negative (upper part tilted inwards). In cases of a major deviation from specification, due to a sagging axle or a bent stub axle, tyres will develop fast but regular shoulder wear on one side.

Positive camber (upper wheel part tilted outwards): faster wear of outside shoulder.

Negative camber (upper wheel end tilted inwards); faster wear of inside shoulder.

Correct wheel alignment is important for prolonging the life of your tyres and helps produce a smoother ride.  Both our Aberdeen and Dundee branches offer a wheel alignment service so call us today!