4x4 Tyres


How do I know which tyre is best for my vehicle?

In order to obtain the best possible performance from your 4x4 it’s essential to determine which tyre is the correct one for your vehicle - for example high performance on-road tyres have limited capabilities off-road. To find the tyres that best suit you, speak to one of our tyre experts at our Aberdeen and Dundee branches today.

What 4x4 tyres does Kenway have in stock?

Whether your 4x4 is only used on the road or whether it spends most of its working life off-road, you’ll find what you need at Kenway Tyres without going off budget. We stock a huge range of top brand 4x4 tyres at our Aberdeen and Dundee branches, and if you can’t find what you want immediately, we’ll make sure we get it for you quickly. For your no-obligation quotation contact us today.