Cold Weather Tyres

Why do I need winter tyres?

Winter weather has adverse effects on driving, regardless of the level of snowfall. Accident rates are significantly higher during the winter and the use of summer tyres means that braking distances are longer. Which is why so many motorists across Europe swap their summer tyres for winter tyres in November and December. These cold weather tyres are designed to run at very low road temperatures and provide much greater levels of grip in cold conditions.

When should I put on winter tyres?

In continental Europe, drivers recognise the “7oC rule” which recommends that they change to cold weather tyres when the outside temperature drops to 7oC or below. Weather forecasts normally measure the temperature at a ground level of two metres. In Winter the road surface temperature - especially in the mornings or late evenings - can be far below this air temperature. Since cold weather tyres perform significantly better than Summer tyres at low temperatures, cold weather tyres may offer distinct advantages even when the air temperatures are above freezing.

How do I know which winter tyres to choose?

At Kenway Tyres our Aberdeen and Dundee branches stock a wide range of winter tyres from all the leading tyre manufacturers.  Our experts can advise you on the best winter tyres for your vehicle so contact us today.